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Get Started On Your Location Independent Business

Get Started On Your Location Independent Business

4 Steps Beginners Can Take To Build A Location Independent Business With Digital Marketing

steps to a location independent business

1. Learn The Basics Of Affiliate Marketing

Jumping into the world of online marketing to build a location independent business is an exciting adventure. Most internet marketers start by learning to sell other people’s products through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a simple business concept but, as with any business, there are general rules and techniques to the industry. Learning best practices is imperative to becoming successful at building a location independent business in online marketing.

There’s a wealth of information available across the web to learn from those who have already advanced from affiliate marketing beginners to successful earners or even the top earners, commonly referred to as super affiliates. Learn the lingo of the online marketing industry, join facebook groups, read blogs, watch youtube videos. I guarantee you’ll pick-up some good strategies and resources on your search.

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If you want a more focused path already designed for you, we have an affordable solution. Our Oasis Builder membership platform provides budget learning materials to help you start building a location independent business. We’ve put together a step-by-step collection of e-books and corresponding videos to walk you down the path of affiliate basics from how to find great products to successfully promoting them. We also include helpful resources that we’ve found on our journey to freedom with a location independent business.

2. Refine your essential marketing skills

While you really can learn anything for free online nowadays, there’s nothing quite like learning directly from a professional with experience and proven success. It is extremely valuable to have a solid mentor to show you the right path. The most powerful training resources don’t have to be expensive, but they typically aren’t free. There are many reasons for that. One of which is that you put more value on something when you pay for it.

Any parent knows that requiring children to spend their own money on something causes them to value the item more than if it was simply given to them. The same is true for adults. When you have to “put some skin in the game” or pay something for a training course, it causes a mindset shift to motivate you more to follow through. Money is a powerful motivator. Remember that concept on your search for great training programs to build your location independent business.

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Get the most bang for your buck with the One Funnel Away 30 Day Marketing Challenge. This is more than just a training course. This challenge provides valuable, fast-paced, high intensity training from some of the top internet marketers out there. The best part is that it focuses not just on training but implementation on every step of the way. It’s easy to get sucked into the vortex of continuous learning with no action. This challenge helps solve that problem.

Learn marketing essentials (building offers, effective copywriting, sales funnels, audience targeting, etc.) to sell anything online and have your business up within 30 days. This challenge is great for every business, not just internet marketing. Read our full OFA review.

The most important technique to successfully refining your skills is simple but requires time and patience: PRACTICE. Remember that even the most successful professionals had to start somewhere. Be patient with yourself. Allow yourself to fail and be ok with it. Get up, refine your efforts, and keep going. Improvement requires movement.

3. Increase your affiliate earnings

For affiliate marketing beginners, It’s helpful to start with lower priced products. This is great for staying encouraged and motivated because it provides early wins. Lower priced products are easier to sell. However, it takes a ton of product sells to create a decent amount of commissions. In order to create a more sustainable income, high ticket affiliate marketing is the way to go.

The Elevate program provides a “plug and play” business model that is perfect for digital marketers that want to get started quickly and earn higher commissions. The focus in this program is learning to drive high amounts of internet traffic through paid advertising channels. Click the link, enter your email, and set aside some time to view the free introductory video. You can also read our full Elevate program review.

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4. Use new skills to diversify income streams

By this step, online marketers have learned valuable internet marketing skills like copywriting, funnel building, social media marketing and wrangling many traffic sources. All of these are important to building a successful location independent business in digital marketing. However, these skills can also be used to bring in additional revenue streams within the online marketing industry.

Businesses need good marketing to survive. To bring in additional income, your new skills can be offered as freelance services on platforms such as: Fiverr, Legitt, Freelancer, Upwork and more. Potential clients can also be found directly via social media.

Another great marketing avenue to get into is building internet real estate. The Rank and Rent club provides incredible training on how to do keyword research, build and rank websites using SEO (search engine optimization), and how to rent these valuable properties to local businesses. This training is also a great resource to learn how to push more organic traffic for your affiliate offers. The best part about the program is that it includes access to various software programs that make the process easier. Read our full review on the Rank and Rent training.

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Affiliate Marketing Beginners Path To A Successful Location Independent Business

While these 4 steps provide a great general path to follow in numbered order, each of these individual steps can also be a great starting point on its own for those interested in starting a location independent business. Whatever your path, keep moving forward and don’t give up on your dream for freedom. Entrepreneurship takes time, patience, and resilience.