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Elevate Your Commissions With High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

Elevate Your Commissions With High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

How to earn high ticket affiliate marketing commissions with the golden link lifestyle business. All this without building a website, closing sales calls or selling to friends and family, even as a beginner. With the valuable bonus of a supportive team and community walking with you. The majority of this process can be automated, building passive income. This is one of the best high ticket affiliate programs available. Read on to learn why.

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What is the Golden Link Lifestyle Business?

Who is this super affiliate, Andrew James?

Why is This Affiliate Program Different?

What is Great About It?

What is Not So Great?

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The Longing For A Simple Life

Most of us long for those carefree summer days we once had as a kid. The freedom of not waking up to an alarm. No schedules to control our time. Jumping on our bike for an enjoyable ride without the highway road rage.

We still had a mission on those carefree summer days. Maybe that mission was to build a fort with neighborhood friends. Perhaps the mission was to earn some extra money testing our business skills with a lemonade stand.

lemonade stand

Maybe it was to make some new friends or try out a new hobby or art project. Perhaps it was to spend as much time as we could in the pool. Maybe convince your parents to take you for a fun day at the beach or lake. 

The normal modern hectic lifestyle and added financial stress leaves us distracted. It has caused many of us adults to forget about the freedom of this child-like mindset. We no longer have the time for the simple things that provide us with creative outlets and exercise. I mean exercise that is actually fun and doesn’t just feel like more work.

Andrew James is on a mission to change this with the golden link lifestyle business.

If you’ve searched terms like “laptop life” or “digital nomads,” you have likely come across ads for this training program. The ads also mention some illustrious guy named Andrew James. I’m here to shed some light on what this high ticket affiliate program is all about.

The golden link lifestyle business program claims to help people unlock all three levels of freedom in life:

  • Financial Freedom
  • Location Freedom
  • Time Freedom

Generally speaking, it’s difficult to have all three levels of freedom. For example, a person either works too much but has plenty of money. Perhaps, they have plenty of free time, but are really tight on cash. Also, most job positions require a regular presence at a physical location. Travel is typically limited to a 2-3 week vacation each year.

The Solution For Freedom

With this high ticket affiliate program, it is possible to ethically:

  1. Build unlimited earning potential to enjoy life as well as give back to the world
  2. Create the work environment that best suits your creativity, even if it means a different country each week.
  3. Earn more free time for things that really matter: health, family, friends, following your dreams
free woman running on beach

This is a business based on the concept of referral marketing. This means a commission earned for each buyer that you refer to a high ticket affiliate product. Simply put, It is a commission-based marketing service for product creators. The affiliate becomes the “golden link” to connect the right customer to the right products. In turn, they receive a commission rate of the sale as their marketing fee.

PromIt is much easier to earn greater income when you make a larger commission on each individual sell. This is the beauty of high ticket affiliate products. After all, 30% of a $1,000 sale ($300) goes a lot further than 30% of a $10 sale ($3).

The process for successful high ticket sales is a bit more involved than it is for selling a $10 item. This is where the golden link lifestyle business program comes in. This program changes the game for those looking to effectively get started as a high ticket affiliate.

What Does Andrew James Know About Being A High Ticket Affiliate?

andrew james of golden link lifestyle business

Andrew James is the founder and acting director of the program. He has been in the internet marketing world for over 5 years.

Andrew has earned his freedom by becoming a 7 figure marketer. He became known as a “super affiliate” (best high ticket affiliate) in the world of high ticket affiliate programs.

His online business path started when he was an interning finance/engineering major in college close to graduating. It was then that he decided that there was so much more outside the traditional 9-5 plan. Traditional work leaves you working for a lifetime to enjoy life at retirement. To begin with, he faced many failures on his path in other avenues of online income. But he eventually found his freedom as a high ticket affiliate.

Andrew James and his original partner received many requests to show others how they found success. That’s when they saw the need for a high ticket affiliate program to help others find their path. The affiliate accelerator was the name of the original course.

The golden link lifestyle business is a high ticket affiliate program that has evolved over the years. It has become what is now a “done for you” system. Andrew finds personal purpose and fulfillment in helping affiliate marketers find success. He believes the best way to do that is by earning higher commissions per sale. He’s on a mission to simplify the high ticket affiliate process as much as possible.

How Is this High Ticket Affiliate Program Different?

There are many high ticket affiliate programs available. Why choose this one?

The golden link lifestyle program is a two-fold program. The program includes the Elevate training course and the opportunity to build a business on their Oasis platform. Think of it like a valuable college course grouped with an on-the-job internship. Just like many internships, it has potential to turn into a full-time revenue stream.

parts of the golden link lifestyle business

The Affiliate Marketing Program

The affiliate course (aka Elevate) is a continuously updated and growing online course. The program teaches affiliate marketers how to generate traffic to affiliate links. The focus is on using social media platforms. 

The affiliate program offers step-by-step video training that walks you through the entire process. This includes everything from setting up social media pages to running paid advertisements. They make it simple enough that even technology challenged people can follow along.

The Elevate training course also includes access to a private Facebook community. The community aims to cultivate a positive mindset, keeping the focus on growth and supporting each other. As the saying goes, “If you want to reach your goals, get around people that are going in the same direction (unknown).” This is a community of individuals focused on growth.

This group definitely has your back when you have a question or just need some encouragement on your journey. Member live by the idea that “The rising tide lifts all boats (unknown).” Andrew James is a regular participator in the group.

beach path

Members can also access bi-weekly live group Q&A calls to get immediate answers to any questions. This is great when you need some feedback on your particular ad copy or any technical questions.

The Elevate training program is valuable on its own even without joining the golden link lifestyle program. These are skills that are valuable even outside of this program. They can be used to promote other affiliate offers, local businesses, or other online businesses.

The Golden Link Lifestyle Program

The second part of the program is the golden link lifestyle program (aka Oasis) itself. This is where the fun really starts.

Where the Elevate course is the fuel, the Oasis system is the sports car. This is where students are ready to pour their training (fuel) in to the ready and waiting system (sports car). Then they can speed forward and start to make money with their marketing skills.

This is one of the best high paying affiliate programs because it is a mostly done for you system. This includes exclusive access to a growing platform of high ticket programs you can promote. These high ticket items are available in various niche markets. Affiliate marketers are sure to find multiple products they can personally relate with.

The affiliate program as a whole is a complete blueprint to success in affiliate marketing. Affiliate members use their new marketing skills to drive traffic to their individual sales funnel. The internal Oasis team and Rise team handle the web hosting, the email marketing, the billing, closing the sale, and fulfillment.

Member benefits from the Golden Link Lifestyle Affiliate Program:

  • Forget about web hosting or website building
  • Avoid phone calls
  • No billing or order fulfillment
  • Don’t worry with creating email marketing
  • Physical inventory is not involved

[ Do you enjoy talking to people and want to learn strong, ethical phone sale skills? Learn how to join the Rise Team. ]

What Is Great About It?

The golden link lifestyle is about as turn-key as possible for affiliates. It’s a simpler way to become a high ticket affiliate and building recurring commissions. This makes it a great way to make money as a side hustle. It’s also a great opportunity for mom’s to make money while at home with their young children.

High Quality Team

The Rise team (sales call team) is high quality and closes each sale effectively. They go through their own intensive training program in order to be eligible to join the team. The Oasis (management) team handles other aspects of the sale process. This leaves affiliate members the ability to focus on the sole mission of generating traffic to the sales funnel. This is the skill learned through the step-by-step Elevate affiliate training course.

Opportunity For Growth

The golden link lifestyle concept is not truly 100% passive. However, it has the capability of becoming mostly passive once built out. The system helps affiliate make money online faster without learning each intricate part of the sales process. Andrew James has purposely created the program with unlimited growth possibility.

The exclusive product platform is growing with more niche options for high ticket affiliate products to promote. It is one of the best affiliate marketing programs due to the exclusivity of the library of affiliate offers. This means a limited number of affiliates selling the products and less competition overall. The growing product library means new opportunities for revenue streams.

Supportive Community

The overall vibe of the group is high positivity as well as a focus on ethical products and advertising methods. The overarching goal is to promote products that truly help people. The idea is to create a win-win for everyone involved (the customer, the program, and the affiliate marketers). The per sale commission structure is more than fair and affiliates get paid relatively quickly.

For the affiliates, there is an emphasis on using the affiliate program to create a life with more freedom. Then using that freedom to follow your true passions and put something good out there in the world. For example, one member wants to help reform prisons with her newfound free time.

golden link lifestyle business review

What Is Not So Great About It?

The golden link lifestyle program is not for everyone. Success in affiliate marketing requires a person that is willing to take the financial risk of starting a company. It also requires a person with persistence, patience, and some resilience.

Time and Patience

The golden link lifestyle program is not suitable for someone that is looking for quick easy money. Success requires someone with a true entrepreneurial mindset. It requires someone willing to put in the work to build something that will reap rewards later. The ad testing phase can be frustrating as it takes time and tweaking in order to be successful. This is a start-up company and it takes time, effort, and investment to build.

The Cost

Andrew James and the Oasis team have put a lot of money and time into the Elevate affiliate training course. This means that it is high-quality and therefore not free. However, the received value of the affiliate training grows as the online course content grows. The one time registration fee includes future updates and additions to the training. Payment plans are offered to help ease the burden of the upfront cost of the affiliate program.

Members are building legitimate companies, so there are business expenses involved. These include advertising and software tracking tools that are needed to run everything smoothly. This is a company, not a traditional job. It is worth repeating that the program is not for someone unwilling to take on financial risk. That risk is a part of starting any type of business.


The program requires someone that can function within constant changes. The world of affiliate marketing is constantly changing. For example, new social media platforms pop-up. This means means new things to learn in order to stay ahead of the competition. The golden link lifestyle program itself is also continuously evolving. While growth is a fantastic thing, it brings challenges. It means imperfections and growing pains along the way while working out the kinks and improving different elements.

If you’re looking for a free way to just wet your feet in affiliate marketing, check out our free affiliate marketing beginner guide to get you started.

Learn More About The Affiliate Program and How To Become A Valuable Golden Link

lifestyle business
lifestyle business

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