Creating Location Independence With High Ticket Closing
Creating Location Independence With High Ticket Closing

Creating Location Independence With High Ticket Closing

Earn your location independence with the highly sought after and profitable skill of high ticket closing. Learn from a top performer in the industry and build your sales skills while benefiting from a constant pipeline of pre-qualified leads. Become part of this proven golden ecosystem that has provided sustainable online income for many.

The Perfect Personality For High Ticket Sales

What’s your type? What about your color? What about your DISC profile?

There are countless scientific studies attesting to the range of differences among individuals, yet also pointing to a handful of eerily accurate categories that we all somehow fit into. Sure, I think most of us have at some time or another enjoyed a simple (yet usually accurate) personality quiz that labeled us in a very generic category like “the social butterfly” or the “quiet listener.”

But, the ones with true science behind them are the in depth tests that tell you about your deepest motivators or your greatest needs. These are the professional personality assessments that large companies use to screen potential employees for the right fit for a job position and the company atmosphere. They use them because they work.

Have you ever noticed that certain characteristics are usually present with all of the employees of a department? I spent years working in accounting and worked in an office job with very similar personalities that thrived in a slow paced, detail oriented and less social environment. In contrast, I worked directly with a team of sales professionals that were all very good communicators, highly social, and great under pressure.

This is the kind of personality that typically thrives as a sales professional and high ticket closing is no different. These are also usually individuals that are energized by talking to people and thrive on the challenges of closing a sale. If this sounds like you, then you’re in the right place.

Rise is looking for a few good eggs like you. Don’t spend your life in a 9-5 job that you hate. Instead, join the online business journey with other digital nomads seeking a free life.

What Is The Rise Program?

The Rise program provides a clear cut opportunity for sales professionals to earn while living a nomadic lifestyle. Becoming a “digital nomad” is ultimate dream of freedom and location independence shared by a growing number of people in the modern world.

With Rise, you get all of this benefit without the high expense of advertising fees or the frustrations of cold calling. Instead, pre-qualified leads come straight to the Rise closing team

With the Rise high ticket closing course and program, it is possible to ethically:

  • Learn a profitable and in demand skill
  • Generate income while you work remotely
  • Create a life with more freedom
  • Influence the lives of other with quality life changing products
  • Create your own schedule
benefits of the high ticket closing course

This high ticket closing program is part of an already existing business system that promotes life changing digital courses. The system has expanded so much that they are now in need of more high ticket closers to handle the amount of pre-qualified leads that keep flowing in. The program personally trains and prepares new members to start taking calls in just 7 days. Learn to build rapport, understand pain points of your potential buyer.

As a personal member of the Oasis affiliate team, I know first-hand that Rise members are our rock stars. The team excels at the art high ticket closing with no pressure conversations that show the intention of truly helping people. As a highly detailed focused introvert, I thrive in the marketing aspect but depend on those skilled in high ticket closing to complete the sales process. We need more great Rise reps!

Who Is Jake Queen?

instructor jake queen

Rise members can participate in a high ticket closing course taught by the proven experience of Jake Queen. So many online trainers earn their income through selling courses rather than through the actual system that they are promoting.

Jake Queen is an experienced sales professional and expert at high ticket closing. He has proven his success both as a high ticket closer as well as by training and leading a high performing team of closers.

Jake has personally:

  • Taken over 10,000 high ticket sales calls
  • Trained over 50 reps to become a high ticket closer
  • Earned over 8 figures through high ticket closing
  • Earned his own life of location independence through Rise

Ready to learn from him? Build your own location independent lifestyle doing exactly what he has done. Glean from all the ideas and knowledge that he has about selling high ticket products.

How Is This High Ticket Closing Course Different?

The Rise program is more than just a training course or a call center job. Rather, it is a chance to start a business and be part of a successful and supportive team. Rise is part of a larger “golden ecosystem” otherwise know as The Oasis.

The Oasis is a private community of online entrepreneurs and course creators that promote life changing digital courses through affiliate marketing. As part of this team, the individuals on the Rise are the professionals that get the privilege of speaking one-on-one to every potential client that comes through the high ticket sales system.

This is an opportunity to not only make a full-time income but to make a difference in lives with unique products and a highly ethical This is an opportunity to not only make a full-time income but to make a difference in lives. The Oasis offers unique products and a highly ethical enrollment system. Joining Rise is a chance to learn from others that have been successful earning money to build a location independent life.

Don’t miss your chance to get plugged into a proven ecosystem that provides income for location independence as well as a supportive family of likeminded entrepreneurs.

What Is Great About It?

A True Shortcut to Success

This high ticket closing program definitely provides a shortcut method for building an online business. Certainly, this is what makes it perfect for beginner entrepreneurs. It is a great way to get started with an already proven system. The program also provides plenty of opportunities to grow and advance to other methods of earning within the Oasis family.

In Demand and Transferable Skill

High ticket closing is an in demand skill in virtually any industry. With this in mind, the high ticket closing course alone is gold. Learning this new skill has the potential to provide opportunities for you in many other industries outside The Oasis platform. Therefore, you could take advantage of the opportunity to land freelance clients with your new skill.

No Cold Calls

Perhaps the best part of about the program is the fact that it does not require cold calling or prospecting. In fact, the Oasis team of skilled marketers bring the pre-qualified leads directly to the Rise team. These are hot leads ready to schedule a call to buy, in turn helping you generate income through commissions. It’s also important to realize that these are high ticket sales, earning you more in a shorter period.

pros and cons of high ticket closing

What Is Not So Great About It?

The Investment

The Rise program begins with the training course for becoming a successful high ticket closer. The team has put a lot of time and effort into this course and it encompasses valuable information from their years of experience in high ticket closing. Therefore, the high value and the necessity to screen the thousands of applicants that Rise receives, mean that there is a price tag to enter the program.

However, it is important to remember that this is a highly sought after skill that does not limit you to only the Rise ecosystem. This skill can be used to sell your own products or offer high ticket closing services in other industries.

Business Risk

In the world of entrepreneurship, there are no guarantees. The Rise program is no different. While the high ticket closing course provides all the training and opportunity needed to succeed, success relies heavily on each individual person. This is not a get rich quick program. You will own your own business and it requires hard work.

As your own boss, you must be dedicated to learning the skills, refining them, and putting in the effort required to succeed. High ticket closing is a highly sought after skill but it takes someone willing to take on the risk that comes with being a business owner.

Sales Takes a Special Personality

As mentioned earlier, a sales role does seem to take a particular personality type. If you are introvert that hates talking on the phone, this is not a business you would enjoy. On the other hand, if you are energized by people and enjoy conversation, you’ll fit right in. Still not sure you have what it takes for sales? Don’t worry, the team will teach you all you need to know.

Learn How To Excel At High Ticket Closing

high ticket closing course screen

If you’re ready to make the leap from a traditional 9-5 and start living a life of location inIf you’re ready to make the leap from a traditional 9-5 job and start living the life of a location independent entrepreneur, check out the introduction video.

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  4. Start your journey to location independence with high ticket closing.

I am not an employee of The Oasis or its family of companies. Opinions represented are my own.