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Learn Marketing Essentials With The 30-Day Challenge

Learn Marketing Essentials With The 30-Day Challenge

Kick excuses to the curb and learn how to sell anything online by implementing marketing essentials. In just 30 days, learn everything from effective copywriting, powerful offers, funnel building and traffic sources. Apply it all and leave with not just a plan, but a ready to launch business (even if you don’t have an idea yet). Stop dreaming and start acting on your internet business ideas. Are you up to the marketing challenge?

A World Of Opportunity To Live Your Dream

Here in the United States, we commonly live by what’s referred to as the “American dream,” or the concept of the open opportunity for success no matter your race and class.

The ease of starting a company in the U.S.A. is a big part of the economic success as well as becoming known worldwide as the land of opportunity. Most Americans claim they would love to have the freedom to work for themselves rather than being an employee.

Yet, according to one study, entrepreneurs make up only 16% of the population in the U.S.A.  

The desire to have more freedom and control over personal time and finances is not solely an American desire. The growth of the internet has provided many opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs around the world to build a life of entrepreneurship with more freedom.

Then, where’s the disconnect? Why are more people not chasing the dream?

list of common excuses

I believe the biggest reason boils down to … fear. This fear poses as excuses. The excuses are many, but here are a few of the most common and how the 30-day marketing challenge is a solution to help eliminate them all.

What dream are you procrastinating on and which excuse is paralyzing you from moving forward?

I don’t have enough:

  • Time
  • Knowledge
  • Money
  • Motivation

The Time Excuse: A 30-Day Marketing Challenge

no time

Making Time For What’s Important

Offering an excuse about time is usually a matter of choosing and setting the right priorities and goals in life. The fact is, when something is important, you find a way to make the time for it.

Before setting out on a new business venture, it’s important to ask yourself why you want to do it in the first place. Learning marketing essentials is likely be a stepping stone toward successfully focusing more on one of your top priorities in life.

For example, launching a new business could be the avenue you need to be able to make more time for your family. Maybe an online business is your chosen pathway to finally becoming a digital nomad and making more time for adventure.

Whatever your end goal, make sure you define it and understand how the marketing challenge fits into the bigger picture of your goals.  

So, why do you want to learn how to sell anything and start an online business?  

Fast-Tracked Marketing Essentials

There’s a reason the team has created the course to be just 30 days long. The modern world is all about speed and instant gratification.

The marketing challenge is a fast-tracked digital marketing course that doesn’t require months of commitment. It’s a short, focused time period that’s not overwhelming or intrusive on daily life. There are daily video lessons and then short steps to implement marketing skills.

What could you move around in your life to find an extra hour or two every day to change your future?

Maybe that T.V. show you love so much could be put off to binge on next month. Maybe you could get up an hour earlier and enjoy your coffee while learning.

The Knowledge Excuse: Learn How To Sell Anything

no knowledge

Overwhelming Possibilities

The internet provides an overwhelming amount of possibilities and options for modern aspiring entrepreneurs. Psychologist Barry Schwartz coined the idea of “paradox of choice” that suggests that too many choices provides freedom but can actually cause more unnecessary stress.

Our time is sucked up by too many lower relevance decisions like which shampoo to buy. I’m sure many have experienced this with the simple frustrating family conversation of “Where do you want to eat tonight?” and the inevitable back and forth of “I don’t know. You pick this time.”

Decision making can be stressful, especially the decision of which business idea to pour time and energy into. The beauty of the marketing challenge is that it forces you to leave the state of “analysis paralysis,” make a choice and act on it. Working through the program will either solidify your current business idea or lead you in another direction. Either way, taking action moves you forward.

Rather than an overload of business ideas, you may be one that has the desire for entrepreneurship but no specific business ideas. The marketing challenge will help to get you brainstorming your passions. Even if you don’t have a product or service idea, you can start by promoting products for other people through affiliate marketing.

How To Sell Anything With Proven Techniques

The marketing challenge is taught by top professionals in the online business realm. These are techniques that some of the most successful online businesses are using. The team will get your mind rolling on how to find ideas for your business and teach you the marketing essentials needed to launch.

Check out the success story of Lady Boss using these powerful techniques.

These include essentials like the tools needed and the psychology of how to sell anything. You just have to follow along, brainstorm your own unique ideas and implement marketing techniques that you learn each step of the way.

They will take your hand and walk you step-by-step through topics like:

  • Dealing With Failures
  • Creating Mind Blowing Offers
  • Selling Anything Without Being The Cheapest
  • Finding and Hooking Your Audience
  • Building Your Customer’s Journey
  • Sales Funnel Strategies
  • Finding Internet Traffic Sources
  • Building Without Learning Everything

If you follow along and implement each step of the marketing challenge, it really is hard to fail.

The Money Excuse: The Cost Is Less Than A Cell Phone

no money

What amount of money do you spend each month on things that improve your life? The average person in the U.S.A. spends:

  • $200 monthly per household at restaurants
  • $100 monthly per person on coffee
  • $700 for a new cell phone

All of these items are conveniences that improve our life, but they are not usually essential necessities. The cost of the marketing challenge could easily be more but it is a mere $100. The average cost for just one college course in the United States is easily over $1,000.

What are you willing to invest for something that could change your life in just 30 days?

The Motivation Excuse: Implement Marketing Essentials

no motivation

The unique thing about this marketing challenge is that it’s not just about learning awesome marketing skills you’ll never get around to using. There is a wealth of information on the internet. It is easy to get stuck in the learning stage and never do anything with all that you’ve learned.

Great ideas and changes don’t happen through learning, they happen through doing.

The focus of this challenge is for you to actually take action and implement marketing essentials during the 30-days. The program provides a team of marketing experts to teach, motivate, and kick you into gear each day. They cover three important steps that are important for momentum.

Steps To Staying Motivated:

  • Make A Plan
    Making a plan for any goal provides a step-by-step to follow to keep you on track. Joining a program like the 30-day marketing challenge provides a pre-designed, proven, structure or framework to reach the goal of starting any online business.
  • Set Deadlines
    Maintaining motivation comes by establishing deadlines. Without a deadline, your ideas and strategies become something you’ll get to “one day.” The marketing challenge provides daily instruction with a 24 hour deadline to  brainstorm what you’ve learned in the lesson fo that day.
  • Break It Up
    Along with daily deadlines, the marketing challenge provides smaller daily goals that provide quicker wins. Reaching smaller goals helps keep you motivated toward the bigger goal. Toward the end of the program, they bring all the pieces together to complete the overall goal.


What’s Great About The 30-Day Marketing Challenge?

There’s value in having multiple teachers. Variation provides different perspectives for learning. If you’re an affiliate marketer, it’s helpful to learn marketing essentials, but it’s even more beneficial to learn how to sell anything from a fellow affiliate marketer. The bonus materials included with the marketing challenge includes specific techniques from professionals in different realms such as e-commerce, affiliate marketing, fitness, coaching, and more.

The value of the marketing challenge is unreal for the low cost. There is so much powerful information for only $100 and the program is so effective that many students choose to go through the challenge multiple times.

The challenge teaches valuable marketing essentials that can be used in virtually any realm of business. This is not limited to online business. It’s not limited to online “funnel building” or even only to those using the Clickfunnels software. The challenge team continuously reminds students that the process can be used for absolutely any business.

What’s Not So Great About It?

Information overwhelm is a real thing. It’s important to go into the marketing challenge understanding that you may not be able to take in every single thing. This is why the challenge is great for both beginners and the more advanced. But jumping in full force and expecting perfect execution may be paralyzing for some.

This is a course taught by marketing professionals. They will try to sell you on their products and they are good at it. They offer the program at such a low price because they hope you’ll purchase their other products. It’s a great method to see effective marketing in practice, but may be off putting for some people. However, additional purchases are not required to complete the course.

The program does not include in depth instruction on how to run paid advertising or technical SEO for organic traffic. They do include methods for driving traffic but the overall focus is on marketing essential such as great offers, copywriting that converts, effective sales strategies, and the basics of designing your website (or funnel) for sales.

Getting Started

If you’re ready to learn marketing essentials and how to sell anything online, Sign-up for the one funnel away marketing challenge today.

We are not employees of ClickFunnels or its related brands and companies. Opinions represented are our own.