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Build Income By Providing Lead Generation Solutions

Build Income By Providing Lead Generation Solutions

Earn monthly recurring income with organic leads from valuable web properties. Learn the skills to provide the lead generation solutions that small business owners are begging for. Get started today for free.

What Is Local Lead Gen?

Google is a household name and just about everyone’s go-to for answers and information about anything. Finding a local service business is no different. Local businesses need to bring in new customers to survive, especially now more than ever. High rankings on Google search help local businesses to attract more new customers. Local city based keywords are also more specific and easier to rank for.

Local lead gen is simply the process of providing these lead generation solutions for local businesses by creating and ranking websites within a niche market.

local lead gen process

The process to bring in organic leads:

  1. Find: Find golden keywords that are easy to rank for
  2. Build: Build a well optimized website for that niche market
  3. Rank: Head toward the #1 ranking spot on google for your keyword
  4. Rent: Sell the incoming leads to a local business

What Does Herc Know About Lead Generation Solutions?

local lead gen instructor

Herc Magnus is a seasoned SEO professional and software creator. He and his partner Todd Spears have created some of the best software programs on the market that are created especially for those that offer lead generation solutions. As part of his free training, he offers an in depth case study and how-to guide of how he both ranked and held on to the number one spot on google for one particular market.

Herc has found a lot of success providing organic leads with countless web properties and he proves it with multiple over the shoulder case studies within the Rank and Rent club. Don’t just take my word for it. Check it out for yourself. He offers so much value in his free local lead gen training.

What’s Different About It?

Personally, I’ve seen many different courses on pay for performance lead generation concepts popping up for quite awhile now. With a personal history in the design aspect of business websites, I always wanted to learn more about also providing quality SEO work to my clients. No matter how attractive a website is, it’s pretty useless if it’s not ranking on Google and bringing in customers.

I checked out a handful of these programs that teach lead generation solutions and found the Rank and Rent club excelled at two key factors that others programs lacked. The two biggest differences that motivated me to choose this program over others: the software and the price flexibility.

The biggest factor that really sets this program apart is that it includes access to specialized software that simplifies the entire local lead gen process. They have built custom software to help do everything from finding golden niche markets, organizing your work, and closing the sale. There are a lot of details involved in local lead gen and the Rank and Rent team leads you step-by-step every step of the way.

The other major fact that made the choice for me is the low entry price flexibility. Instead of making a huge leap at a huge cost, students can ease their way into the program with a generous amount of free training to test the waters. This free training alone is golden and can help you get started generating organic leads. It’s strong fundamental training, not a “waste of time” sales pitch for the paid program.

When students are ready to advance, the Rank and Rent club provides both monthly and annual price plans that personally allowed for the lower price entry point that I needed to get started.

What Is Great About It?

What I love most is that the Rank and Rent club provides the ability to just “get your feet wet” when you’re first starting out in pay for performance lead generation. Herc offers an incredible amount of free training materials for beginners to local lead gen and his teaching method is so easy to follow. Other programs that I looked into wanted up front costs in the thousands just to get started. Then if you hate it or don’t do well, you’re out of luck.

It’s worth saying again that Herc’s teaching is very easy to follow. Even dealing with a lot of technical stuff, he breaks it all down and communicates it in a helpful way. He is also always looking for improved methods by testing and trying new techniques and software, which he openly shares with members. It’s reassuring to know that if anything new is happening in the field of creating online organic leads, Herc will be researching it.

Members of the Rank and Rent club also have access to others through both a web forum and the private Facebook group. Sharing progress is encouraged and helps keep everyone motivated. It’s also a good place to find help when you get stuck on any aspect of providing lead generation solutions for businesses.

Pros and Cons of local lead gen

What Is Not So Great About It?

Ranking and then renting websites can be a complex skill set for some as it incorporates many factors. The process of ranking to earn organic leads is very technical. Because of all the array of factors involved, it requires organization and high attention to detail. After the ranking factor, you still need the skills to sell the leads. The training program and software do offer solutions for this part as well.

Offering lead generation solutions is not a quick money making program. It can move much quicker but sometimes it takes a few months to see any results. Therefore, when starting out with pay for performance lead generation, it takes some time and patience to verify you are doing it correctly. But, once that first website starts ranking, it definitely adds a boost of confidence.

Local lead gen requires a person that can continuously learn. You are working with Google and it seems like they change their algorithm almost constantly. It is absolutely necessary to stay up to date with the changes. Being part of the Rank and Rent club means you have access to Herc’s knowledge and a group of other professionals to help you stay on top of current happenings in the SEO world.

Learn More About How To Generate Organic Leads

rank and rent club
rank and rent club

If you’re ready to start earning recurring monthly income with local lead gen, then jump in today with Herc’s free training at the link below.

  1. Click the Get Started Button
  2. Enter your email to gain access to the free training videos and 50 page guide
  3. Start ranking your first website, bring in organic leads, and help a local business with lead generation solutions.

I am not an employee of the Rank and Rent program. Opinions represented are my own.