Finding Freedom With A Location Independent Business
Finding Freedom With A Location Independent Business

Finding Freedom With A Location Independent Business

I was a failure. My whole life was crashing.

I was forced to close my storefront, leaving me with thousands in debt. My divorce was pending, leaving me forced to move back in with my parents.

The one bright spot I had was a new entry level job position at a small company, so I poured everything I had into that job and struggled to get to the place I could support myself financially.

Fast forward, I found myself successfully moved up into a respected corporate level position and living comfortably in my own home. I had even somehow negotiated for more location freedom via occasional temporary travel and work.

But I was declining deeper into depression, anxiety, and loneliness. Traveling was the place that I began to find escape, experienced excitement, and just really felt myself come alive again.

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Feeling Stuck

I remember a conversation with a friend while sitting under a palm tree on a beach in Europe. A slight breeze made the outside temperature just right and we could hear the bustling of people on the busy boardwalk behind us. 

I said, “I just feel stuck in my life. Everyone else’s life seems to be moving forward but I’m still in the same place. People are getting married, having children.”

She looked at me in astonishment and said, “Sheanice, you’re on an Island…in Europe.”

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A New Dream For Global Work And Travel

That’s when I started dreaming about taking full advantage of the opportunity to explore. I dreamed of living permanently in that place of escape and freedom. Freedom for global work and travel. To go wherever I wanted, whenever I wanted.

But I had no idea how to make this a reality. I was also scared to lose my security again. Scared of losing all that I had worked so hard to rebuild.

On the flip side, I also knew that my travel privileges were only temporary with that company and I was feeling more and more bored and unfulfilled in my job. There was nowhere left for me to advance there. 

So, I immersed myself into the online world. 

One day in Europe, I met with a group of women that traveled and worked online (aka “digital nomads”). Sitting there in a restaurant on the beautiful Spanish coast, I heard some of their stories. 

One of them in my field of work, said “You CAN start your own business. You’ll find it’s much easier to be successful with a location independent business than with a physical storefront.”

After one of my trips, driving home to my empty house one night, alone in my car, I felt an overwhelming sense of why am I still here? This is not what I want from my life. I could sell my house and just leave.

But I faced continuous rejection on my remote job search and still had a deep fear of failure holding me back from creating my own location independent business.

After hitting a place of emotional rock bottom with a medical diagnosis of general anxiety and depression, I found the courage to begin letting go of my security…in order to find my freedom.

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Making The Jump

I sold my home that I worked so hard for. I moved in with friends for emotional support and to have a place to use as my “launching pad.” I eventually walked away from my 10 year accounting position to focus 100% on finding the right location independent business to start.

A few months into my journey, frustrated with my lack of success online, I realized my own lack of confidence was much of my problem. 

Out of desperation, I finally clicked on a Facebook ad that kept popping up. The simple ad spoke hope to me. It was more than just a business opportunity.

Inside the Elevate program, I found the positive mindset shift that I didn’t even know I needed as well as a pathway to successfully launch my future through a location independent business in affiliate marketing. It’s a step-by-step program perfect for affiliate marketing beginners

But, that was only the beginning for me. My journey through the One Funnel Away challenge taught me fast-tracked marketing essentials and pushed me to quit only soaking up knowledge and actually implement all that I was learning to make my business successful. 

As an additional source of income, I also joined the Rank and Rent Club and learned how to build and rank websites in Google to rent to small business owners.

It’s these resources combined with some freelance work that has allowed me to build my new life of global work and travel.

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Sweet Freedom With A Location Independent Business

I’m still learning and finding my way but more important than anything, I’ve found my confidence again. I’m able to believe again in my self and my ability to build something great. That alone is more powerful than any business success. Your mindset and beliefs about yourself and your life are powerful.

I’ve found the freedom to design my days around the things that excite me and bring me to life. Now, I want to help pave that road for others as well. No matter what your past failures were, You CAN start again.

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