Stay At Home Moms Benefits: From Improved Health To Higher Intelligence
Stay At Home Moms Benefits: From Improved Health To Higher Intelligence

Stay At Home Moms Benefits: From Improved Health To Higher Intelligence

When Mom stays home, it provides a wealth of value to modern families. Discover the many levels of stay at home moms benefits.

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The Dream I Never Knew Was Possible

Growing up I never thought, “One day I will be a stay at home mom.” My mom didn’t stay at home, she worked a 9-5 office job. My grandparents were there to help my parents by picking me up from school and babysitting my brother and I over the summer breaks. Looking back, I feel pretty lucky to have had so much time with my grandparents. Many modern families don’t have family close by to help out.

I guess in my mind I never really thought staying home would even be an option. When I got pregnant, I started stressing about what we were going to do for care when I returned to work. At the time, I was fortunate to work for a company that allowed me the opportunity to transition my position to work from home. The thought of sending my new tiny baby to a daycare made me physically sick to my stomach. That is not what I wanted for my family. Many Mamas out there feel they don’t have any other choice.

Whether through a gracious employer or through online business, modern technology provides many of us the opportunity to have a career and go back to a more traditional family life with Mom spending more time in the home. But, why would we want to revert back to the old traditional ways?

Who really benefits from Mom staying home?

  • Your Children
  • Your Budget
  • Your Husband (or significant other)
  • YOU Mom

Stay At Home Moms Benefits: For The Child

Learning Foundations

By having more lower stress time at home, I have the opportunity to help my children learn every day. We have more time to work together on the basics like numbers and ABC’s, which helps prepare them for the coming school days.

There have been various research studies showing children who have a stay at home mom have an advantage in school. One study by Columbia University showed that higher IQ scores resulted for children that have a stay at home mom present.

Stay at home moms benefits also include being available to be more involved with the child’s learning once they start regular school days as well. Studies also show that having a parent more involved can have an effect on how long they choose to stay in school in the long run.

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Scheduling Consistency

When Mom works in the home, children can get used to being on more of a consistent schedule. It can be taxing for parents who work in an office to fight traffic to get home, prepare dinner and do the bedtime routine. It’s a lot of unnecessary stress and can cause variations in schedules with later dinners, etc.

If you are staying at home, you can eliminate the commute all together and save both stress and time for your day. Losing the challenge of fighting daily traffic to and from an office is one of my favorite stay at home moms benefits.

Behavior/Personality Benefits

Children benefit immensely behaviorally in the early stages of childhood by having mom at home. They are more likely to have behavior issues if they are in childcare outside of the home. Studies have shown that children raised in daycare show higher levels of aggression and stress. Mother’s have the unique capability of providing a special level of comfort that no one else can.

This applies to all of us as adults but particularly as young children. Think about the last time your mother calmed you with a simple hug or just hearing her voice.

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Dealing With Sickness

When your child gets sick, your mom instinct knows before anyone else when your child is not feeling well. This is another big stay at home mom benefit; The ability to care for your child when they are sick without the worry of leaving them in someone else’s care. They can’t go to daycare if they are sick obviously, risking getting all the other children sick.

Then you add the stress of trying to find someone else to babysit them or you must take off work unexpectedly. Asking for unplanned time off, even for your sick child, is stressful. The majority of corporate America does not support mothers, or parents in general. I have seen firsthand how mothers are bashed and talked about in the workplace for taking time off when their children have doctors’ appointments or school related functions. It really is disappointing to see.

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Stay At Home Moms Benefits: For The Budget

Everyone Must Eat

If you are like a lot of parents working outside the home, you probably eat out for lunch more than you plan for. Trying to get out the door in the morning on time with kids can be a considerable feat. 

I am betting most of the time you forget to grab your lunch or didn’t make one ahead of time to begin with. On average it will cost you around $11 to eat out for lunch. While making your lunch at home is around $6 a meal. Do the math and you’ll realize you are saving about $25 a week (at least) by eating at home. That can add up quickly!

The Childcare Expense

One of the biggest financial stay at home moms benefits is avoiding the huge expense of childcare. According to, the average weekly cost for one child at a day care center is $215 a week. That is a whopping $860 a month…for one child! I’ve heard some mothers say they quit working when their first child was born simply because their paycheck covered nothing but childcare costs.

As I mentioned before I stressed about the cost of daycare, but also about who would be caring for my child. Being a mom, you know that no one else can care for your child the way you do. No other person has that maternal instinct for your child specifically like you. On top of that, there’s the benefit of less healthcare expenses because children are more likely to catch sickness more often around other children in daycare.

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Giving Your Family A Raise

Along with eating out less and childcare savings, staying home with your children can have some other pretty great financial perks. You aren’t paying for gas for the commute. You don’t have to buy work attire. All of this can make for a pretty substantial raise for the family. Think of the all the things that money could be used for instead. Maybe a vacation or a college fund.  

Stay At Home Moms Benefits: For The Spouse

One of the majority norms around stay at home moms has been moms feeling inadequate, like they aren’t doing enough to support the family, especially financially. But I would like to challenge moms to shift their outlook on this.

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Your spouse goes to work to support the family financially while you are with the kids supporting the family at home. He doesn’t have to worry about who’s keeping the kids or if one of them suddenly gets sick who will take off work. He doesn’t have to be concerned about who will be there for school pick-ups or the grocery shopping. On top of all that your spouse may get to come home to a clean house and a cooked meal! (not every day, let’s not get crazy!)

All of this makes for a calmer home environment for your partner to come home to. Less stress can help reduce tension within a marriage and allow for more time to address problems in the relationship before they become unbearable.

Stay At Home Moms Benefits: For YOU Mom

Experiencing Every Moment 

Being at home I have had the privilege of getting to watch my little ones grow every day. I am there for those big moments. Their first step. Their first word.

I’m also there for the little moments, like reading a story before nap time or play time outside blowing bubbles. I think these are the moments I will look back and cherish when the babies are grown and moved out. I live for these moments. Big and small. 

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When Mom Burns Out

Being a stay at home mom allows you to put your focus on your family. You can be fully present, physically, and mentally. You won’t have the struggle of turning your brain off from work mode when you are home. You will be doing the job you love most, being a mother.

The demand of a job outside the home and being a mom is undoubtedly one of the most stressful situations for women. Trying to have that work – life balance is nearly impossible. Because of this, many stressed out working moms develop burnout.

Burnout is officially recognized as a mental health condition by the World Health Organization as of last year (2020). Burnout is no longer just a trendy word floating around social media, this is a real problem among working mothers.

High Pressure In The Traditional Workplace

The US does not require companies to offer paid maternity leave to their employees. According to one article, “One in four US mothers return to work 10 days after giving birth.” This puts an insane amount of stress on moms from all sides.

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Do they go back to work because they need the income? But is the income even worth taking precious time away from their children? This puts many working mothers in the predicament of care for my child or a paycheck? Which should never have to be a question in the first place.

Even when an employer has policies in place for mothers to have a flexible schedule, they often feel pressure to not use those benefits. They may feel like they will be overlooked for deserved raises or promotions or even pushed out of a job because they have family responsibilities.

On top of this stress many moms struggle with postpartum depression and anxiety after having a child. This obviously takes a toll on their children and significant others as well. According to The Motherhood Center of NY, Having PPD while also returning to work “may intensify your PPD symptoms or trigger new ones.”


I believe it is time for us as moms to change the norm of society. We can have the stay at home moms benefits by raising our children ourselves at home, alongside an at home career.

There are far too many opportunities for us now to work remotely or build an online business for us to accept anything less. Technology enables us to build our work around our life rather than the other way around. We can live the life we desire of being present with our children and having work that we enjoy. 

Mama, you don’t have to accept things the way they are. You can take steps today to change the future for you and your family. You don’t have to be a stressed-out working mom. No matter what your work (or non-work) life currently looks like, let me be the one to remind you today that you are doing a great job raising your littles!