Live Your Life To The Fullest

Live Your Life To The Fullest

Create an oasis in your life that provides more freedom to fully enjoy every moment and follow your dream and passions.

Unlock Freedom

With Your Own Online Marketing Business

Build Your Oasis With Self-Paced Training Resources

Learn how to build your path to freedom with a proven marketing concept, even if you’re brand new. Create a profitable online business from your home or work while you travel. Create more time with...
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Learn Marketing Essentials With The 30-Day Challenge

Kick excuses to the curb and learn how to sell anything online by implementing marketing essentials. In just 30 days, learn everything from effective copywriting, powerful offers, funnel building and traffic sources. Apply it all...
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Elevate Your Commissions With High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

How to earn high ticket affiliate marketing commissions with the golden link lifestyle business. All this without building a website, closing sales calls or selling to friends and family, even as a beginner. With the...
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Build Income By Providing Lead Generation Solutions

Earn monthly recurring income with organic leads from valuable web properties. Learn the skills to provide the lead generation solutions that small business owners are begging for. Get started today for free. Learn Lead Generation...
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Start An Online Marketing Business

FREE Beginner Guide To Affiliate Marketing

Curious about starting an online marketing business but not quite ready to dive all the way in?? Affiliate marketing is the easiest place to get started.

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Creating Location Independence With High Ticket Closing

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This Proven Marketing Method Is An Online Business Easy To Start

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Build Your Location Independent Business

That Can Bring You A Different Lifestyle

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Imagine More Freedom

Imagine a life with income coming in from your online marketing business, while you travel the world … ✈️

Imagine a life with more time to work on your own health and well being… 🧘🏻‍♂️

Imagine a life where you can focus on the short-lived moments with your young children… ⚽️🪁

Imagine a life with available time to be a caregiver to love ones… 👴🏻👵🏽

Imagine the freedom to spend more time volunteering… 😇

This could be your new reality if you’re willing to learn some new skills and get to work to start building your location independent business.

Anyone Can Build A Location Independent Business

Millions of others around the world have done it. Why not you??

All you need to get started on your new lifestyle is the internet. Start Building Your Online Business today.


As An Entrepreneur

Next Steps Toward A Location Independent Business

Beginners Affiliate Journey

If you function well learning on your own with e-books and training videos to sort through at your own pace, you can find all you need here. This is budget learning at its best. We’ve put together resources to guide you through the process of building your affiliate business. Learn everything from building your brand to choosing your affiliate products…

Online Marketing Essentials

If you’re one that needs the extra “kick in the butt” motivation involved with high intensity, action oriented learning, then this one is for you. Join the 30-day challenge to not only learn but also implement marketing skills needed to sell anything online. This challenge is useful for any business…

Complete Business Program

Lacking the time necessary to learn all the ins and outs of an affiliate marketing business? Then the golden link concept is perfect for you. This plug and play system provides your choice of high-ticket affiliate products, pre-built sales funnels, a built in team to close sales calls, and step-by-step instruction…

Advanced Marketing Skills

The detail oriented people out there laugh in the face of the challenges involved with learning Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and website building. You can learn the technical skills needed to take on WordPress and Google to build, rank, and earn recurring rental income (hundreds to thousands monthly) for your valuable web properties….

Following A Dream

We are Sheanice and Ashli,

Cousins living our life to the fullest as with a location independent business.

We have discovered that the internet provides the opportunity to design a life with more freedom.

Now, we’re on a mission to help 100 people in 2021 to change their lives as online entrepreneurs in digital marketing. Are you going to be one of them?

Join us on this new life of freedom.

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